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torstai 26. syyskuuta 2019

Wellness Coach Jari Here hi!

Today I came to share this one idea with you. 
If you want to think about the headline. It can be following 

The Balance of Two Point One

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Mainly when we think about the balance of two it can be referred between two people, who are going to be in a relationship or in the other hand we can referred it with an idea like a one personas relation with hi's relation to any field of profession or the working environment. Mainly there should be at least some kind of enjoyment into it, if it's meant to fulfill at least some sort of bigger fulfillment. 
Short cuts are the best. So, in shortly we should find the purposeful and meaningful, emotional enjoyment in any action that we wish to do in long run of life. If we want it to be as a choice of the everyday living. 

This way of living, any one of us are able to stand tall and honest. With our one half of potential. As it could be described. Such approach leads our connection to be on any matter, mostly profound. As it can be on each moment when we proceed to enjoy our time with each others, during the days and night's. Coming back to the balance of two in correlation with the relationship matters, mainly in matters of love for example. I can strongly believe there should be the physical fulfillment between these people, who want to form a deeper connection in a daily basics. There should also be the mental closeness as well. Other wise it would not be balanced enough as a healthy relationship, should be. 

So, in long run and stable way of living, this mental connection should be the one which is more profound. Because I truly think that will be the one thing which help those people to stick together in a rainy days. When people are most often searching the shelter to share with each others. Physical hence should not foe the mental attraction. Mainly to keep the true connection alive continuously. Mind should not foe the heart and inward approach should be slice on the winning side, beside the outward. Then I have couple more ideas to share for the balance of two. First it appears when we should balance the cap between mythology and personalization. We should personalize the image of our mythological personas behavior or the way of life that he or she is living. Have to remind tough that enjoyment doesn't require any other human being to exist along with you all the time. Secondly we should find the balance of two between working and sports. That can be another story- 

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Feel free, be well and we meet again!


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